06 January 2022

Mexico, magic and surprise


I love this image! The photo is a bit wonky from the sun flare on the upper right corner but one gets the picture as they say. If I remember, it was from the Living section in the Times and focused on homes around the world. This woman's home is somewhere in Mexico, and the reason I love it so much is that it reveals the playful nature of its citizens. I love her for ascending her open turquoise stairway in a rich golden yellow dress. And I love the thick deep Madder Lake stripes which climb the walls as if for no reason at all except to surprise.

How is it possible that I have never been to Mexico?? Truth be told, I actually thought of going there to buy a mess of a villa in Marida 9 years ago when I sold out of France. But as fate would have it, I decided to settle here in Australia, a safe and unadventurous decision. But big part of me was really up for a wild and wacky adventure in a land I knew nothing about.  It was just my cup of tea to explore another country and culture for my last chapter in life. But anyway, I am reasonably happy here, and this is already a lot when I look around the world today. Australia is a wonderful place to live and I feel privileged to be here.

And yet I think Mexico will be on my next country to visit list and looking at this photo is to see a painting. It is a joyous-looking home and gift for the eyes, a real surprise! 

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