31 May 2011


Sick at heart,
But embarrassed to show it
The evening wind.

30 May 2011


Seeing Turner 
At the Tate
Gave me heart attack.

29 May 2011


Titian's Madonna
Not a day older-
And my wrinkled hands!

28 May 2011

Each new Spring-
Same remorse for man
Without children.

27 May 2011


May twilight-
Daisies pulling down
Their shades.

26 May 2011


Pink fireworks-
The exploding peonies
Of East Sussex.

25 May 2011


Torn between 
Watching wildflowers
Or cutting them.

23 May 2011


Morning ants-
Kitchen sink-
Silent film.

22 May 2011


Spring morning-
Playground of ants
These knees.


I wonder if its possible to access something deep inside of me in order to answer crucial questions about what I am after in my Painting. I seemed to have left a familiar path, one to which I had adhered during my early years in working.
I left the 'motif' which had anchored me to a visible pathway and its now more than ten years that I have been wrestling with myself in front of a blank canvas without the markings of a world visible in front of my eyes.

So the question one asks is "What am I after?"
What is it I am trying to do?

I can see over the last few years that I am after a kind of poetic, almost ephemeral feeling somewhat balanced between flight and pose. But isn't this every painter's dream in fact? I wonder if what really obsesses me isn't just a desperate attempt at understanding myself.

The following painting was done last fall before leaving for Australia. I had planned to work on it upon my return but seeing it on the wall (via SKYPE) a few friends have remarked that it was quite interesting "as is".

Perhaps I shall leave it "as is" for the moment. Maybe I need an editor to take work away from me before I destroy it or fall into a never-ending funnel of un-finish. 

And this (below) is the evolution of new painting done today.     

21 May 2011


This afternoon
The cherry tree 
Emptied of jewels.

20 May 2011


Cherry tree-
"Enough for us both Blackbird!"
Morning dispute.

19 May 2011


I can hear it
Yet cannot see it-
The Spring rain.

18 May 2011


And what about
The alligator 
And the pink ball?

16 May 2011


Hey moon!
Just for tonight
Kissed by cedar tree.

15 May 2011


May mistral-
Herding cloud shadows
Across the hill.


Midnight surprise-
The nightingale
Stops singing!

13 May 2011


Eighteen horses-
All facing to the north,
I counted them.

11 May 2011


For May flowers-
Whose legs are not sore
From dancing?

10 May 2011


Wild jasmine 
Hostage to honeysuckle-
The besotted blackbird!

09 May 2011

08 May 2011


Chocolate wrapper-
Delivered to the ant hill
By tiny feet.

07 May 2011


May snow-
Acacia petals
Painting the sky.


A nightingale
Puts lonely traveler 
To sleep.

05 May 2011


Bizet's Carmen
Someone whistles from the street-
Parisien dawn.

04 May 2011


After long voyage,
Greeted in the shower 
By parisien mouse.

03 May 2011


In the rain
Large bus windows
Streaming tears.


Pink bonbons-
Clouds in an olive sky
As if glued.

02 May 2011


Boeing take-off-
Souvenir of
Today's surf.

01 May 2011


A heartless God
Would have us live 
Without rainbows.