31 July 2012

Penti Sammallahti

At the Arles Photo Festival, a long grueling day to see as many exhibits as my weary legs could handle in one full day. Yikes! 
One of the biggest surprises was the discovery of the work of Penti Sammallahti, a Finnish photographer born in 1950 and has travelled much of the world hunting down beautiful imagery. What can be better than that if one is an artist? I had never seen his work before and I was smitten. It is both very painterly and very human.

Né en 1950, Pentti Sammallahti est l’un des plus grands photographes finlandais actuels. Ancien enseignant à l’Université des Arts industriels d’Helsinki, Il pratique une photographie en noir et blanc, pleine de fraicheur, de blancheur, de froid. On pourrait le qualifier de photographe contemplatif. Certains de 
ses clichés sont de véritables peintures.
(With all due respect I lifted this from the net)

30 July 2012


Donkeys all day
Watch cars go by
From the field.

Joaquin Torres Garcia

Which cold-hearted philistine amongst you, I beg, cannot find a smile in front of these small pieces made by Joaquin Torres Garcia? Born in Montevideo, Uruguay in 1874, he lived much of his adult life in Barcelona, Madrid and Paris before returning home to spend his last years living a prolific life as both a painter and sculptor. He died in 1949.

29 July 2012


Yes, me too
In a dark well,
A frog's lonely call.

26 July 2012


White flowers!
White butterflies!
The summer field.

24 July 2012


Silent sunset
Speaks of Autumn

23 July 2012


They are kings
For a day only,

21 July 2012


First kisses
From the garden,
Cherry tomatoes!

20 July 2012


Today I heard 
Big clouds sing to 
Small birds, I swear!

18 July 2012


After dinner
A toothpick
Of lavender.