02 November 2022

tarte au citron

Evening Prayer Brunswick Heads, 26 October 2022, oil on canvas board, 30 X 25 cm

Evening Prayer Brunswick Heads, 26 October 2022, oil on canvas board, 30 X 25 cm

Here are two studies from the other night. After almost a month of not working at the beach motif I was nervous and feeling somewhat ambivalent about even going. But as is always the case, whenever I show up, something happens to change my mind for the better.

I liked these two pictures so I left them in a curious of state of suspension as if unfinished (though they are certainly not). They are fully realised but in an abbreviated state only, yet finished nonetheless. I wonder if this can make sense to others.

When I arrived, the sea was a pale and glassy Prussian Blue/Citron Yellow colour which quickly began to fade into the greyish hue of the second study. 

Like freshly made Tarte au Citron's, these are delicious and sensual colours for me, and if I were at a pastry shop in Paris I would leave with two of them and scarf them both down while walking the streets. And with barely a hint of shame, most tourists will do the same when the strawberries arrive in May and June. This happens all over France.

So I wanted to leave these two studies as fresh and appetising as possible, like straight from the pastry shop. Did I say what was needed to be said with such abbreviated sensuality? Can I get away with that?, Is it enough? I suppose the pictures themselves are proof that I was intuitively satisfied with them at the end of the session.

Time will tell, as it always will. 


  1. I’ve missed your studies and love these two. I was just in Paris eating a tarts au citron!