07 July 2023

insides and out

I have always loved the idea that people can invent ways to express their physical appearance. And though I am not into fashion for myself I really love it for others. I even thought years ago that creative directors of fashion houses and fashion photographers were far more interesting than so many artists, that they had so much more to say than many artists. In many visual ways fashion has eclipsed the Art world. But now, a few decades later the Art world caught up and fashion has become an integral element for so many artists because identity, indeed, gender bending, has changed the world. In pure visual terms, our world today is one big aquarium, everything is fluid including perceptions of sexuality. 

Though I have always been, from a profoundly psychological place, someone who needs to be invisible. I'm someone who eschews black but adores  grey and the key point is this: How we are in the out in the world is our own business, and no one else's. Some people need to be the center of attention while others like me, need the comfort of obscurity. All this stuff goes back to childhood for all of us. 

Life for those of us with a civilised and tolerant sensibility don't worry about what others do with their lives nor how they dress. It's really none of our business. The Right Wing media thinks otherwise, but hey! That's the way it is for now. I don't want to speak of politics though I do believe that even every choice we make in life possesses a political decision, albeit a nano choice most of the time, but a choice nonetheless.

This from an article in the NYT about recent fashion shows in Milan and Paris, I do read and look at most of these articles because they reveal what's going on, and being a painter who loves great colour harmonies, I am fascinated by all of it. 

I didn't always like it when I was younger because I thought it represented the decadent, narcissistic side of humanity, but I opened up to it because much of it is so extraordinary, but also because it has helped nudge our belief system towards a more open society. This is what they used to claim was the purpose of Art.

Anyway, I love the simplicity in these 'get ups', these 'kits' as they call them now in the world of sports. And I love these colours together, they're really great. And these three folks below are just people around the scene, not even models I believe, though probably connected with the shows but no matter. They look wonderful and I nevertheless only always hope that the insides match the out in these matters.


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