09 April 2023

Easter and the Muses


I have loved this one holy moment of the Christian year all throughout my life. Brought up Catholic, though quite casually, I only knew the inside of a church like a tourist.

Much later, when I discovered the Churches of Europe I was opened up to Art through this idea of redemption and rebirth, two Christian ideas that I hold dear today as a painter.

Redemption, because I was allowed to forgive my worst enemy: Myself. And Rebirth, because I now understand in these later chapters of my life that each new day is a joy to live because of Painting, but also so much else. I am also grateful because previously this enemy wouldn't have allowed for this.

It was during my time living in France that I came to appreciate France Musique, a station that offered up a feast of Bach and Handel during this week after Palm Sunday. One can be irreligious yet still be in thrall to great spiritual mysteries that one finds in all things Artistic, notably, Chartres Cathedral but also Claude Monet in the Orangeries in Paris.

So, despite this awful cliché, I've found that flexible space between the Spiritual and the Artistic. On the one hand, I had to pass through the Spirit to become a painter, but on the other, I needed Painting to bring me to the Spirit. 

So with thankfulness, I offer up my favourite spot in the whole world over these past six years, a small dune by the sea where I come to drink from the golden chalice of the Muses. It's a good life and I am grateful. 


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