23 April 2023

The murder site

Evening Prayer Brunswick Heads, 11 April 2023, oil on can canvas, 
30 x 25 cm

Recently, after looking at these posts, a friend exclaimed that I was "apparently an analytical painter". This surprised me so I thought about it for a while. Then I responded.

"The way I paint is quickly and without thought, like a murder committed out of passion. Maybe I had pre-meditated it beforehand, or not, but it was still an act of speed and 'thoughtlessness'.

"Like a murder," I continued, "it's only afterward when the cops have come in to block everything out, to figure out the Who, the What, and the Why, do I go into Police headquarters and spill the beans."  

This, I explained to my friend, who then looked at me extremely puzzled. 

In Painting, it's rarely what one paints, but how one paints.  

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