06 March 2020

What is abstract painting?

Evening Prayer Brunswick Heads, 2 march, 2020 oil on canvas, board, 30 X 25 cm

A few nights ago I was lucky enough to pull this off. It was the second study and the light had faded considerably. I was about to clean up the palette and pack my material  because I thought the 'bouquet' had mostly blossomed. But suddenly, to my surprise there was a lingering thread of broken golden/green, of the most subtle hue still stretching across the horizon. I quickly put another canvas board on my easel and managed to put this down. It seems to have everything which I have been looking for in these small studies. There is that ephemeral quality which seems to say: "Yes, I am here, there, I exist, but, maybe not even". And most importantly for me, it does not hide the simple fact that it is just a surface painted over with splotches of various colours. Yes, it is a seascape on a certain level but its drawing is quite abstract.

More to be revealed. As my teacher Léo Marchutz often said (and I paraphrase): 
"Following the path of Nature is limitlessness for a painter".

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