13 March 2020

Mushy Skies and a writer's woe

  Evening Prayer Brunswick Heads, 11 March 2020, oil on canvas board, 30 X 25

This curious picture came out of a difficult session the other evening. It was the second painting of two, and the sky had kind of turned into MUSH by then. This can sometimes be quite interesting except though, when one has started a picture which goes  one way but suddenly, the MOTIF runs off in another direction. Writers often talk about this as when their characters get away from them. This seems to be an apt way of describing a MOTIF going rogue while in the middle of a painting.

By the time I finished I wasn't at all happy with it yet upon seeing it with distance, in a photo, my thinking has changed, most thankfully.

It is a weird painting in a way, even for me, but I do like it very much. Even better, I like that I like it.

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