25 March 2020

Paradise in Coronavirus

Evening Prayer Brunswick Heads, 21 March, 2020, oil on canvas board, 30 X  25 cm

This picture came to me the other night. A vibrant light awaited me as I arrived at the small dune which I consider my small studio by the sea. And though every evening light is different, so my imagination responds to what is presented to me on each evening. For a few days in a row last week we were graced a with a strong but subtle and colourful light. I reacted with a gentle touch as if I was pushing away an amorous puppy with my foot. Here is the first one I made that night.

In this almost surreal moment of the Coronavirus I feel so very lucky to be here in such a paradise of beauty and space. That I can come down to work each evening is an added gift. 

I understand that this bubble will not last as the economic reality of a severe downturn will follow the virus. So for the moment, one day at a time, I am alive and am painting.

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