11 August 2022

curious critters, Leo Fitzmaurice @ The Sunday Painter in London

I am generally not too wild about a lot of galleries I come across or read about, but I have always been fond of this one; The Sunday Painter, located in South London. It's an eclectic group of painters who began this 'collective' about 20 years ago or so. I have been following it for about a decade and naturally, I was drawn to it for its name. I am after all, the original Sunday Painter!

Being artists and creative Brits, they have followed their own road and their taste is quite original and varied. I have never been there though if I had thought of it four years ago when I had the time in London, I could have, I should have just gone, but it slipped my mind. 

And I am not naturally drawn to most of the artists they show but I respect their curatorial choices which I think are original and worthy. 

But this clever artist, craftsman is wonderful, and so talented. I liked him immediately, who could not? I will let the readers peruse for themselves, at their discretion, all the info found on the gallery's website about Leo Fitzmaurice. For now, enjoy!


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