07 August 2022

Really?? No wonder civilians hate Contemporary Art


Yes! I know I am a killjoy when it comes to certain kinds of Contemporary Art. After all, Contemporary Art is a big tent and it has to be because in fact, it is what's going on in today's world of art. But hey! This is too easy of a tried trick, like fast food, of which most is junk and made that way because the Corporate world doesn't care about what the public consumes. And I would say the same about this. High end art galleries and museums and institutions operate the same way. Directors and curators are trying to hang onto their own tenuous jobs in a rough and tumble world of money and crappy content. 

But this particular installation feels tiresome and worn out and even by 1996 it was already a cliché but today it feels like a Hollywood film trying to pull the wool over its audience with cheap effects. Joseph Bueys did all this stuff years earlier and he did it much better.

Alas,,,,, what to do?

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