08 August 2022

the fine art of illustration


I saw this last week in the NYT, and I just loved this image! This is very strong.

It's a difficult truth but Great illustrators are often so much more talented than even just the good painters these days. They really put them to shame, but then again it is the New York Times which has a stable of the very best of the best of so much.

Not much more to say about it except maybe that where a great illustration hits its mark is always in its graphic punch. This is usually where 'fine artists' seem to fall down. But Subtly, too, is a fine art in the world of illustration and a difficult thing to teach, to learn too. One has it or one doesn't. 

1 comment:

  1. I agree it is a great illustration. Seemingly simple, but thoughtful and striking. Thanks for sharing this Chris - reminds me to look at the NYT more.