12 November 2013

I don't blame anyone

Watching images out of the Philippines I feel sick at heart. How can we possibly help people who are in such suffering across the world, or even just next door? Every bit of photographic information is shared at such perverse speeds which place tragedies such as this next to Hollywood stars catwalking on a balmy evening. On it goes, and we are all part of it here in the industrialized world. I don't blame anyone for this is the incredible world in which we live.

I made this painting (above) in back in August. I had in mind a kind of 'homage to the sea' in face of man's obvious negligence towards it. A black band serves as a kind of grieving symbol like the armbands often worn in France when a loved one has passed away. It gives the surface a meaning for me, both philosophically and pictorially. I don't know how else to express my sadness for the people of the Philippines in this moment. It isn't much but, it is.

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