16 November 2013

foot loose and fancy free

At the end of a recent boat trip across the Channel, those of us with cars below were waiting in the stairwell on the top deck for the announcement to descend and take charge of our vehicles. The crossing had been easy and smooth, we had left Dieppe under a wet twilight sky but in Newhaven the stars were out. They had announced twice already for passengers 'on foot' to disembark ahead of those with vehicles so we waited about 10 minutes. An attractive French stewardess was making the rounds asking passengers 'on foot' to  quickly make their way down and disembark  ahead of the cars and trucks. She came by me and asked:

"Are you a 'foot' person?"
I smiled and replied:
"Yes, but that's a long story"
She smiled back and continued on her way through the rest of the crowd. 

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