09 October 2013

Rococo, Morocco

Its just plain awful to come back to Morocco and to feel that one has repeated the same kinds of drawings one has done on previous trips. Tangiers is a tough town. After a week  here I am glad to be leaving. I have done several hundred drawings like the ones above. They are really sketches in most people's eyes. And they are certainly not pretty little tourist scenes of Moroccan people. They are hard, and difficult to access, just like the life here. 

Many of them are done with a large magic marker. This is new for me, and it provides a kind of sweeping gesture of spontaneity. But also, I have used ink and brush, as well as  a bamboo stick which acts like a quill pen. They are done quickly, often in just a few seconds. I do them in my small, beloved MUJI notebooks.

And now the week is over, and I fly out tonight. What is done is done, as they say.


  1. a tough town indeed! It was really good chatting with you at the resto', one of the highlights of my visit to Tangier. Always a pleasure to meet a fellow wayfarer. im in Chefchaouen now, which is much more relaxed, and a v pleasant place to chill out and write. :)