15 April 2014


In the rearview
An old lover.

14 April 2014


Inside the grey sky,
A painting
Of the grey sky

10 April 2014

Melbourne Art #1

Why does so much Contemporary Art seem so un-necessary?
After a three day museum trip to Melbourne and having seen lots of "installation work" in various venues this question nags at my very insides. I know I could be crucified raising the issue but it keeps coming back every time I enter cavernous spaces but leave feeling so under-welmed. Is it just me, or do others also crave an experience which just might leave me with a sense of poetic awe?
But after saying all this, I admit there were surprises, one of which by the painter and ceramist Angela Brennan of Melbourne.

06 April 2014


The wind blows
Before the wedding,
And afterward.

05 April 2014

Bush, The Post-Modern

So, who would have thought that George Dubya would turn his thinking into Painting? I confess to admit it, but he is not without talent. Yes, done from photos, sure,... and yet, there is a personality in these things which is one of the main ingredients that make or brake an artist in my opinion. Its the force of one's originality which can bring life to an image. And, yes, there is something in these portraits as quirky and homegrown as they seem. That he cynically wreaked havoc on the Middle East, adding American blood to the already violent fields of Irak, it makes all this seem just a tad post-modern. (Love the Putin!)

02 April 2014

moo moo

The cows don't care 
If its Sunday
Moo moo.