15 May 2022

Colin McCahon, cool modern painter from the cooler Southern Hemisphere


I only just recently heard of this marvelous and original painter on Radio National, the public radio station here in Australia. It was an informative interview with a curator from Auckland. I immediately went to Google to look up some images. 

Naturally, I identified with many of the images straight away through my own way of working here on the Pacific rim of civilization. He was a bit of an eccentric, like me, but a religious one, unlike me. 

The top picture has a bit of Paul Klee in it, but also Raul Dufy too.

I find his sense colour quite interesting, and equally for his sense of light. I love the graphic punch of these things here. There is a unity in his mind when he paints as if he doesn’t fuss with too many ideas; he attacks the canvas armed with an image already formed inside of him. His painting is from New Zealand which is the last land mass before arriving at Antarctica and its cooler colour harmonies reflect that southern latitude.

I have not listed the sizes because I couldn’t find them for these images on Google, which for all its greatness, is still lacking. I will let the images speak for themselves and the readers investigate online as well.

02 May 2022

a leap of faith with a dollop of cloud


Evening Prayer Brunswick Heads, 27 April 2022, oil on canvas board, 30 X 25 cm

Here are some recent things from the beach at Brunswick Heads that I like. I haven't been to crazy about recent work there which is why I haven't posted anything. 

It wasn't a 'great' evening, the clouds were uninspiring until after dark when I was able to capture these two things quite quickly. In fact, until the next day I had deemed them both a write-off despite being happy to have gotten out to work out there. It was only a few days later when I realized that they were pretty interesting. 

The top one, (done second to the one below) for instance, was nothing until I took a chance and swiped a gentle dollop of orange/red over the irregular line of blue violet clouds. It was an improvised dab of intuition and I am grateful for its appearance because it completes the image. My weakness in these things is that I can become overly cautious at a certain point towards the end of a picture. It was getting dark and I could barely make out the colors on the palette so it was a leap of faith, one which surprised me, and woke me up. 


Evening Prayer Brunswick Heads, 27 April 2022, oil on canvas board, 30 X 25 cm