20 June 2014

Foucault and Chomsky

I watched a wonderful documentary on Michel Foucault last night. I confess that I have never read his books nor knew much about his philosophy but I did have a kind of blind idea that somehow he was responsible for much of the thinking behind Contemporary art.
This, of course, gave me the willies and I put him into a place high on the bookshelf where I would probably never have to read him. And yet, to my great surprise, he was portrayed as a fascinating man full of life with an innate intellectual grasp of the difficult lines of thought in Philosophy and the contemporary life of humankind. This is but a teaser with the renowned thinker and philosopher Noam Chomsky. Its a great portrait of the (70's)? 
More to be revealed...

16 June 2014

Wonderful Leica Madness! (Thorsten von Overgaad)

Thorsten Overgaard Workshop 2014 from Thorsten Overgaard on Vimeo.

And his delicious photos....
(Leica M 240 with Leica 50mm Noctilux-M ASPH f/0.95.)

Wistlawa Szymborska (1923 - 2012)

This is one of my very favorite poets. 

13 June 2014

Christian Martel (artist crazy for kites)

ai wei-wei (by the way)

Of course, he is one of the biggest art stars currently on the planet which doesn't say boo to me because I only look at the works of an artist, not the name. And I find this wood sculpture compelling, and quite moving in a way which cannot be qualified except that I simply like it very much.

05 June 2014

successful artist! #2 (Julian Schnabel) and Paulo Veronese

In London last week I went to see the latest show of Julian Schnabel of whom I wrote  after seeing a nice little film of him on Vimeo. But, after being so diplomatic, I have to confess that I came away from this exhibition with a few conclusions; but I shall be kind and simply wonder: What was he thinking?
I left shaking my head as I headed down to the National Gallery where there is currently a show of the great Paulo Veronese. Such magnificent things on the huge walls there that immediately erased the distaste from the previous show.

And Paulo Veronese, what a difference 450 years make!