27 March 2014


Prancing mice-
Invite me into your home
In my own house!

23 March 2014


No wind today
The coriander.

20 March 2014

Tony Tuckson, (what humanity!)

I have always loved this oil portrait of 
his wife. Simple, so simplified actually, at least in a painter's vocabulary. But, what humanity! One really cannot teach this sort of thing. 

19 March 2014

Tony Tuckson (pencil forever)


18 March 2014

Tony Tuckson: pencil forever!

Here is a really wonderful drawing by Tony Tuckson, who was both a very interesting Australian painter and a Curator at the Gallery of New South Wales in Sydney. Some of his early portraits are very, very fine.

17 March 2014

Rodin, Le Remarquable!

I find that I always go back to these drawings/washes, especially when I have been exposed to the dreadful things I see being done today in the name of art. Ha ha...
One rarely sees abstraction, or form in the world of what I can only call 'illustration' and what is passed off as 'craft'. Rodin, like all really great artists had a sense  for 'unity' of the pictorial plane.