11 May 2024

Court room follies


My hats are off to all these intrepid artists! I was thinking about what a shame it is not to see someone one using an iPad Pro, ..... 

They are all amazing but I think my favorites are the smallest and least finished of them all, the quirky quick sketches by Jonathan Alter who is a journalist at NYT, among other things. From looking at all of the work it's clear that he is the only one working from an i-pad, I believe. Good Choice!

Elizabeth Williams whose simple delivery pleases me a lot. It's cleanly organised and the likeness's are spot on. But I like Bill Hennessy also for the formal structure and the wonderful likeness's of each of the Supreme Court. 

Jake Tapper, a host for CNN, also has a great talent for this business! 

Among the two wildest Expressionitas are Christine Cornell, who I saw on a panel at CNN this past week is a cool woman who lives downtown, and Jane Rosenberg, who I also saw interviewed on MSNBC. Their work is somewhat similar and at times surreal in what they choose to draw but equally important, what they choose to leave out. These are some wild renditions of Donnie Boy!

All of these artists have my respect because of the kind of work it is. They must suit up, show up, and get it on with no excuses! Gotta love that!

05 May 2024



 Evening Prayer Brunswick Heads, 30 April 2024, oil on canvas board 30 X 25 cm

               Evening Prayer Brunswick Heads, 30 April 2024, oil on canvas board 30 X 25 cm

From last week came two interesting studies from me. I had to drag myself out of the house where I was nursing a Cold but I could see from the comfort of my sofa that the sky was showing great promise for that evening and I knew I had to go. 

They reveal something slightly new, a direction towards which I've been leaning recently so I'm pretty happy with them. The weather, sadly, has been so unstable these past few six months that it's been really difficult to navigate the rainy clouds. So when it does look decent, 48 hour Cold or not, I will be out the door. 

My desire these days is to work more freely and without any conceptual constraints that orbit around in my mind. And so, the new commitment is to paint wildly and with abandon, locking onto a visual sensation of colour like in a dogfight with an enemy fighter. I'm on his tail, undeterred by any doubts in my head.

These skies are still always so surprising despite having painted them over and over again, year after year. The only thing that changes, is of course, me.