25 October 2013

War Horse and Piero

Last night we went to see an amazing production of the very popular War Horse here in London. I saw the film on an airplane last year but I didn't care for it.  Then by chance, I saw a documentary on the making of this theatre production and was so impressed that I had to see it. Well, it is truly great theatre. The life-size horses are so horsey, every twitching of the ears and tail so exquisitely executed by these artists. A remarkable experience and if one finds oneself in London don't miss it.

Meanwhile, at the British Museum there is an exhibition of Shunga, the art of erotic painting in Japan. Very interesting!

I make my bi-annual pilgrimage to see Paolo Uccello and Piero della Francesca at the National Gallery. Of course, there is so much 'Contemporary' Art to see here but I always return to see these things from the past. They are still so remarkable after all these years. So alive, so full of colour and imagination, that I am pulled back each time I come to London. Alas, its hard to find photos because the National Gallery does not permit reproduction of their images. A great shame as I have lots of things to say about them but here is a link to a small talk in front of the Baptism of Christ (at the National Gallery) which is kind of quirky but interesting. Viva la pittura!



  1. Did the horse in Ucello's Battle of San Romano look different to you, having seen "War Horse"?

    [I found your blog as I was bopping around the blogosphere, looking in on bloggers who list "The Third Man" among their favorite movies.]