05 January 2014

Painting Architecture and #2 (Frei Otto)

Many people notice that computers have their limits. I've nothing against them, but my experience with materials and form I can touch has taken me a good deal further. 
Frei Otto (1925 - )

I made this drawing in Morocco about 6 years ago and it took maybe less than a minute to get down. I made hundreds of drawings on my trips there but only a few were 'right' enough to be saved. When I looked at this drawing after returning to France many weeks later I was jolted by what I was looking at. For it seems that I had seen death during one of my drawing sessions and it looked back at me.

Only my hand could have made this spontaneous image. It could not have been 'made' any other way than by fingers which had been practicing for years alongside my eyes. I write this because its with regret that I see the computer has somehow become our 'third appendage'. And, a computer cannot make the the 'necessary mistakes' from which an authentic art work is born. It lacks the fundamental element know as intuition.

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