02 January 2014

Jeff Koons, successful artist

Jeff Koons on Balloon Dog from SandenWolff on Vimeo.

"Art does not happen inside objects, it happens inside the viewer. Objects are just transponders…." 

Thus, in this nice little video Jeff Koons clarifies his ideas about art, and to be fair, he articulates them well. This is a thought provoking piece which raises the great perennial question: What is art?

What happens 'inside the viewers' is a very post-modernist approach to this age-old question and it is important but it cannot be more than half as valid as what happens in the object itself as they make a perfect whole. Where there is art, what happens in the art work happens also inside the viewer, but the reverse is equally true: what happens in the viewer happens only if it has happened in the object, otherwise, it is just a sentimentality and thus consequently out of the realm of any meaningful art.

These are two parts to the whole experience between artist and viewer, and when one fails it drags down the other and vice/versa. 

But, this is my own person view of course.

Regardless, Koons surfs the zeitgeist wave of the 21st century.

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