28 January 2014

Jenny Bell, Australian painter

I have seen Jenny Bell's painting here and there over the past few years and they have stayed in my memory. (These are awful reproductions as it is difficult to find any with a decent sized resolution on the web)

These things remind me of certain works by Milton Avery. He, too, seemed obsessed with the subtly of Nature in the landscape. And, he possessed enough talent to compress it into a delicate abstraction in a most modernist sensibility. Jenny Bell has a wonderful sense of color which depicts the Australian landscape with a graphic truth. These are painter's paintings, and I mean by that, that she takes the risk of failure. She does not make pretty images for the public. She loves painting more than she loves Nature which is the way I believe it should be for an artist. I would like to see them in real life. I especially love the larger painting of the barn (in snow?) which has the clearest resolution. It is a sublime image.

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