13 November 2020

fingernails scratching the sand, inhaling a flower blossom

I had a remarkable experience the other night. I was working on a few studies which came quickly. I must have made 4 of them. 

The wind from the South brought a chill as I worked and I kept an eye out for whales which often breach this time of year. The sea was turbulent and occasional whitecaps formed again and again.  Its waves broke upon the shore like long fingernails scratching the sand, and me there, just like a 10 year old, amazed by life itself.

When suddenly, within a few minutes the wind dropped, and I couldn't hear it anymore. I realised that the sea too had calmed down, silent, its waves now were more like patterns in a blue woollen jumper, its whitecaps instantly ironed out. I stopped working for about a minute to understand what was happening. I marvelled at the sudden empty space, the sonorous rest note when one stops at a flower blossom, bending over slightly to inhale it. 


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