15 November 2020

glorious and unwanted, the tomato surprise!


Tomato Surprise, Dieulefit, circa 2008, oil on canvas, 80 X 50 cm

Almost none of my friends like this painting!! Alas! And I can understand, but with a certain chagrin. I suppose because I like it so very much, and I believe myself to having superior taste, of course! So, why wouldn't others like it as much? 

That is the great mysterious beauty of Art. It is so deeply personal that no one else can feel what you should feel yourself.

And too often when it comes to Painting people can kind of zone out because technique quickly supplants the poetic love of pure feeling (which by the way, no one does when listening to Stevie Wonder or the Rolling Stones, or Mahler, for that matter) 

So Art is that one place where we are free to take what we want and leave the rest. How glorious this is,,, how democratic.

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