25 February 2021

a small picture of large ambitions; the mouse that roared


Evening Prayer Brunswick Heads, 12 February, 2021, oil on canvas board, 25 X 20 cm

Sometimes I really think I should have been a wedding cake designer. I have this thing about pastel colours colliding into one another, paint slithering over itself in esculent pleasure.

There is a delectable something about bleached peach when colluding with lemon yellow pasted over a thin sky. Above these layers is the palest of blue which reaches up and over my head. And,,,, it really does look like this, ask anyone!

The flat sea has crackles in the paint and which whispers of an old patina. But this is caused by accidents during transport which I always encourage. It evokes the past, but over the horizon, is where infinity blurs into a hazy future.

This is a very small picture with large ambitions, a mouse which roars.

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