22 February 2021

throwing caution to the wind, Open Sesame!

Evening Prayer Brunswick Heads, 18 February, 2021, oil on canvas board, 30 X 25 cm

This was one of three studies last week, done one after the other. I jumped into them quickly and without hesitation. The sky was full of clouds and a bit complicated to render at dusk. But at the same time, the air was full of salt which gave the sky a mistiness that appealed to me quelling my initial fear of dread.

"First thought, best thought" as the wise guys in the East say. 

On other social media this one generated a lot of excitement. I liked that, but somehow I am not convinced of such excitement myself, though I do like it well enough.

When I make pictures which appear more familiar-looking; conforming more to what people are used to seeing out in the natural world. These are usually more appreciated than my expressive-looking pictures which are more experimental, and might be concerned with other considerations.

And yet, this isn't necessarily what I am after as I can really only paint what the present moment dictates to me.

So it isn't up to me how they come out, though that may sound strange for a painter to say. Some times they are like this, on other days, they are like that. And that is the way it should be, at least for me. 

"Open  Sesame!"

As I open up to each painting session, the session also opens up, as does the motif facing me. 

But naturally, I bring myself too. Sometimes I am tired, maybe pre-occupied, the mind is elsewhere, maybe I feel bored, or maybe optimistic. No problem. 

Gauguin once said that one should paint wildly, and with great abandon. That is a tall order for me.

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