31 December 2021

the past and present, the known and unknown


Evening Prayer Brunswick Heads 21 December 2021, oil on canvas board 30 X 25 cm
Evening Prayer Brunswick Heads 26 December 2021, oil on canvas board 30 X 25 cm

For the calendar changeover I thought it appropriate to post two pictures representing that of the past year 2021, but also one of the new one, 2022. 

Though they are done just days apart, the top one represents for me, an image, conceptually speaking, created from the the past, one which   seems to feel like something we have all seen before. It relies upon an experience (and knowledge) already understood even if I still like it for what it is.

The bottom one done just days later, feels like a painting born in the future, an image only half-understood in my hand, but forming already in my intuition for some time now. The direction will only become clearer if I continue to take risks in this visual and graphic language of light and space.

Happy New Year everyone, and thank you for stepping into these small pages from time to time. It is greatly appreciated.


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