02 December 2009

three beautiful minutes

On the eve of the Copenhagen summit I propose a visit to Robert Bresson's film of 1977 'Le Diable, Probablement'1 a prescient film whose theme is the destruction of the planet.

A celebrated 'masterpiece' very much in spirit with many of the films of Truffraut. Personally, I found it almost unwatchable, but it is not the camera work or even the story which prevents me from entering, its the absence of real acting. It is painfully wooden, a film of ideas, and lots of Style which one either loves or hates I suppose.

But After saying all that, its still a film beautifully shot and edited. I offer this rich clip which includes all of the following:

a 707, Ecology, a Murder, a Romance, a Kiss2, a Sports car, an Elevator, a Parting (with love declaration on the sidewalk)...

All in three beautiful minutes!

Ah! ... Zee French!!

1 The Devil, probably
2 un baiser

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