22 December 2009

Francois de Asis

A long day in Aix. I am filming the painter Francois De Asis in his studio in town over the course of the year. Here is a small sample. He is such a remarkable man that I would need to write a book to even begin to describe what he is about. As I am not a writer, I have decided to visit him every so often and simply turn on the camera. John and Michele Gasparach accompanied me on this trip. These sessions last about three or four hours.I simply shoot while he speaks about a number of things relating to Art and Life. He has a lot to say, but also, more importantly, the logic to back his convictions. I already have about 15 hours and hope that we can continue. More about him soon.

Aix was quiet, I think that the economic crisis has softened everyone's enthusiasm over this holiday period. The Cours Mirabeau which is normally a bustling carnival was almost empty. It was raining though, quite hard (il tombait les cords) which didn't even manage to bring out the umbrella (parapluie) salespeople.
I drove home late.

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