07 December 2009


Europe is obsessed with Climate change (Le r├ęchauffement climatique) although unfortunately I am not sure that America is, really. I almost get the feeling that its too worried about its own numerous problems. French News, on the other hand (en revenche), is revved up with stories which focus on this planetary issue and keep it on the dinner plate each night. Of course its a good thing.

As Copenhagen Conference convenes, the world feels to be an even closer knit neighborhood than ever before. And yet, its business as usual for the same hot spots which flare up with killings and bombs.

I am by nature a worrisome (inquiet) person and sometimes, I don't know which anxious issue will disrupt my thinking for the day. Meanwhile, according to this report, one of the many worries of our meat-eating-diet comes down to a cow's burp! (le rot) Apparently its one of the worst of the natural emissions of co2 on the planet because its methane.

So, today is perhaps a good one to worry the burp. And, tomorrow is another day.

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