21 January 2010

At Robert's

Two days ago my friend John F. took me over to Robert B.'s home near Byron Bay, a magnificent home finished only last year. He lives there with his wife and children surrounded by an even more magnificent collection of Artwork from all over the world with lots of Aboriginal work; bark paintings old and new, as well as paintings. I am rarely impressed by homes but am always surprised by a great collection of Art. Robert created Sotheby's in Sydney sometime back in the seventies, he welcomed us barefoot, wearing the ubiquitous cargo pants and tee shirt. This is how one dresses around here (de rigeur). He knows Aboriginal Art inside out and I marveled at listening to his explanations in front of them. His house goes on for kilometers, large wall-like windows with views of Cape Byron; and the sea, a long band of ultramarine blue stretching across the horizon. WoW! (Sacré Bleu!) These people know how to live down here!

My dear friend John and myself went for a swim afterwards, 'to crack a wave' as he puts it down here. I have been 'doing fuck all', also an Aussie expression meaning to 'do absolutely nothing' (que dalle).
I have set up an impromptu painting studio between two roofs. Weather has been very hot these last few days; little wind and ones sinks into lethargy just watching the clouds overhead.
(que faire!)

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