07 January 2010

Paris by scooter

Two nights in Paris which was great and where I stayed with friend Anne near Nation. First night to dinner at Clementine's, who, with her boyfriend Gérard D. (actor, and bonvivant extraordinaire) prepared an amazing risotto and fish dinner. Also there, Clem's mother Daisy, an old friend from New York who now lives in New Orleans. A great feast and tall tales.

Next morning to the Louvre where I had wanted to see the Tintoretto and Titians but the place was mobbed and I gave up and went back to Clem's on the rue de Lille. Gérard took me for a spin on his bike and showed me around the 6th and 7th arrondissments and to a Hotel he is creating. He doesn't understand what red lights are for apparently. The weather was quite cold and he doesn't wear gloves! Sacré bleu! Sacré Français!

I Met Anne in the early evening and we tried to wait in line to see James Thieree's new piece at Chatelet but were discouraged by the line and 2 hour wait. Instead we went for a long walk around the Isle St Louis and back up through le quartier Latin where we saw Le Ruban Blanc which was good but oppressive. Home late, and me, up early to catch a flight to Australia straight through.

Here near Byron Bay it is humid and hot, large mountains of grey cloud cross over the green landscape. I need a week to settle in as one's sleeping is disjointed after such a journey. Staying with Rolf, who is Swiss, and has a large house overlooking an open green valley full of many different birds.