27 February 2020

Sisyphus, and the daily painting session.

Evening Prayer Brunswick Heads, 20 February, 2020, oil on canvas board, 30 X 25 cm

I was very happy whilst painting this picture last week. It was a moment when I was pushed through my concepts and thoughts of what I habitually do in front of this motif. Ideally, one would wish for this to happen all the time, but it rarely does. However, it is in the ritual of work; the daily slog  which provokes all of these small insights, and great leaps into a fresh unknown. Sisyphus reminds of this, though sadly for him, it was his daily appointment with his boulder, and a steep hill all day long.

Unfortunately, this painting didn't photograph well. Sometimes that happens. But there is something in it which lit a small fire for me when I was working. 

And it is always for those moments which one paints.

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