30 May 2021

Sui generis of ubiquity, bUt for the SuPerWorLd

"Some NFT collectors believe that owning early, prominent crypto-tokens will eventually be like owning rare, first-edition books or priceless paintings." NY TIMES  

This new, ripe world of NFT's is a scary place for traditional creators. To be really honest, I try always to keep an open mind when it comes to Art, even if I don't always do a very good job at it for I have strong beliefs like everyone else. bUt this Brave New World of NFT's makes me very nervous indeed.

I have always loved graphic art on every level, from stamps to product designs, to logos and corporate names because everything fascinated me. It is something I would have done when I was young if I had been more focussed. I would have gravitated to the northern countries which are so good at this kind of graphic sensibility: The Dutch, The Finns, The Swedes, The Danes, The Russians! 

I spent a few years playing around with Photoshop before it became easier to use. I learned to make all sorts of things with it because I really enjoyed it. Nowadays, every wiz kid in elementary school plays around with it easily. This is a new world of technical creativity, or creative technique?

There was one thing though that I always found difficult for me; It was that Photoshop and Illustrator both gave me so many interesting choices that I went into shock when I had to commit to a final decision. So very many layers looked so good.

But the thing I love about the Painting process, the way I practice it, is that there is commitment to the sensual resolution of a picture with oil paint. But I will surely be a thing of the past, soon enough I fear. Nothing to do but keep at Painting.

Though I do understand that NFT's are not graphic designs, they do yearn for the same kind of universal imprint accessible to the widest audience. They are creative digital reproductions, after all. Their aim is to please us, to entertain us in the temporary and unreal place of our minds.

Prices for these things are skyrocketing but in crypto-currencies only, so it is hard to value them.

Some enterprising companies are selling virtual plots of land over the whole earth. For about $8000 one can buy a virtual square approximately 500 X 500 anyway. In this brave new world everything is for sale in a make-believe world using make-believe currency. 

Many people seem to be slowly slipping away from reality as if on a large boat, one which I will certainly miss, but can wave to from the dock.

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