28 May 2021

Help! is on its way! the Brilliant Morse code in 6:40 minutes

Here is a short video which both explains and teaches how to use the universal language of Morse code. By employing three short signals, three long ones, another three short ones in succession, your life could be saved one day.

Remarkably, it can work in all sorts of ways; visually, audibly, or even tactilely through the senses (if one could only touch another person in silence to communicate distress). This is useful obviously if you find yourself at the Opera in Paris one evening, and you notice that Donald Trump has slipped into the seat directly behind you. You will then need to signal to your date this information in complete discretion. 

One could also sing it, blink it, hum it, tap it out with fingers on a surface, make a ballet in the air of it, using fingers like a magician, or pleading for help with hands like a conductor. 

But if you are a smoker, and adept, you could blow smoke rings in the air and cry out for "Help!" at the same time.

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