18 June 2021

"Hey!,,, You hadda be there!"


Two studies from last week done on the same day, one after the other as the afternoon sank into dusk. 

The top one is more classical; conventional even, and closer to a verisimilitude which appeals to a certain crowd of art lovers. But I like it nonetheless and I accept it as an accurate response to Nature at that very moment in the afternoon. Its colour (and drawing) is mostly true. 

Below, is certainly a fanciful iteration of the fireball which appeared briefly only to fade
 into the memory of embers like after watching fireworks. But at the apex of bliss, there is the crescendo which lends itself to an explosive dénouement, as the French like to say and an operatic climax. 

But as we used to say in the Bronx of my youth; 
"Hey!,,, you hadda be there!"

10 June 2021

13 June 2021

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