19 March 2010


The foundation and initial goal of (our) transformation is avoiding doing harm to others. Whether alone or with others, we must strive to avoid doing harm either directly with our words or deeds  or indirectly with our thoughts and intentions. We may injure others with abuse, slander, sarcasm, and deceit, or by acts of omission due to insensitivity and thoughtlessness. The most subtle way of harming others is indirectly by means dominated by hostility, we may viciously attacking others with our thoughts. although no apparent injury may be inflicted, these thoughts affect us internally and influence our way of interacting with others, and the long-term affect is invariably harmful. So the initial theme of Dharma practice is a non-violent approach to our own lives, to other lives, and to our environment. This is a foundation for spiritual practice, and can provide well-being for both ourselves and others.

--B. Alan Wallace, Tibetan Buddhism form the Ground Up

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