03 January 2015

Monterosso, Cinque Terre (happy new year part 2)

By the end of a session just before twilight, I had finished a medium sized picture of this peninsular meeting the sea and air. I wasn't happy but suddenly the sun crashed down into the sea, and it seemed like all hell broke loose. The sea had become a violent answer to the sky-shattering sunset above. I had not the time to mix new colors, I used what was left on the palette to almost scrub onto a very small canvas this tremendous display of clouds and sea, in fact. It was a scene for Turner, but I made what I could of it, and have treasured it ever since. I think I made it in 1988 (circa) when I had stopped to pass a few days with Francois De Asis on my way to Siena.  

Received the following from a painter in Paris Juliette Lemontey:

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  1. la poesie de Eugenio Montale " Punta del Mesco " parle de ce lieu