22 September 2022

seven small syllables to shake one's perspective

22 April 2022

I was watching a film the other night wherein two characters are obviously interested in each other and speaking on the telephone split screen. At one point the woman says to the man "I've been thinking of you".... after which a silent desire fills the empty pause.

Just seven syllables like a Haiku, marking a time and place that press this moment, out of all the others, into one's heart. This tiny sentence for any man or woman can set one's sails or break them, and it is the most underrated idiom in the whole wide world of Romance.

It is a poignant space, this place, where two people meet without gravity, with expectations often beyond their earthly hopes and dreams. 

I began to think about the sudden desire that lives within this small set of words as if they were a fragile necklace. They are uttered at the very onset of a love affair, at the front door, but sometimes much later too, if a couple is both lucky and thoughtful. 

But in each case it's an invitation to engage intimately, for it's a clean, embossed calling card that needs a reply, quickly.  

Hopefully, everyone has either received these small words or delivered them softly themselves as if whispered in a chapel or in a bed. 

And though we might seem to live in a world of busy and false expectations, Hi-Fi, Wi-Fi or Hi-Five, there is chance in every busy signal, for Cupid has all our numbers.  

Like a love story at its dark end, dusk too, at the close of each day, seems to poison the light with regretful refrain. 

I have picked out these images because they all share the bare minimum of anecdotal messaging. They speak to me of those six small words while they also place an intimate bookmark of time tracing my own appearance into this fragile part of the day. And they possess an uncertainty too, but not without an idea concrete enough to live within their own brushstrokes. 

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21 April 2022

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