23 July 2023

Too Sweet!

 Evening Prayer Brunswick Heads, 20 July 2023, oil on canvas board, 30 x 25 cm

While walking up the sandy path to the dune the other day a few families were coming down the other way towards the parking lot. Pairs of fathers and mothers and a half dozen kids followed them in drips and drabs. The 'caboose' was a pair of very young children holding hands as they made their unhurried way down to their father who was patiently waiting at the end of the path with an armful of beach stuff. The girl maybe three years old and a boy half her age, was nattering away at her companion which reminded me of an old couple. I stopped to let the pair pass by me and then turned around to watch them continue on down to their father. 

"They are as cute as buttons" I thought to myself, then said to him,

"Too sweet!" 

He smiled, and replied,

"Wait till they get home in a half hour,,,, they won't be so sweet!"

Evening Prayer Brunswick Heads, 20 July 2023, oil on canvas board, 30 x 25 cm

It was a wonderful session and I came home with five studies, nice! 

Two of them were dropped on the sand,,, but hey!! Just a corner of each were affected and I will brush them off when the oil has dried, a technique I was forced to learn after a few earlier mishaps. But all is good, no worries, as they say here in Australia.

Some magnificent 'Blooms' and 'Blushes' this past week. I always forget about July being so magnanimously kind to me. Every winter at its apex here in the Southern Hemisphere is pretty generous. 

These are the chilliest sessions of the year and I love them. Never too cold, but a Southerly makes it seem so. My ears have been ringing for the past week, another day in paradise.

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