13 December 2012

Habeas Corpus!

Of course its possible that I miss the point entirely but the meteoric rise of Marina Abramovic prompts a reflection: Has the Artist replaced the Art work? If so, is that OK? I mean; is that a reasonable form for this cultural evolution of ours to take? It would seem to be the premise of her recent mega show at MOMA in 2010 entitled The Artist is Present. (There is a documentary of the same title currently out)

Am I am too old fashioned to accept that the personality of an artist codifies the content of the 'work'? Or even that the Artist is the Form of the work? One could pose the reasonable question: Is Performance Art inherently Form or Content? And, what does  it mean? Or, more to the point: does this contribute to our cultural heritage or is it just a kind social filibuster? 

Andy Warhol was a prescient and key player in understanding this social evolution. He could be shuffling in his grave at the moment but meanwhile, I will stick to Matisse.


  1. Agree. I have seen the documentary & was almost overcome by the stench of self-promotion, yet left grappling for what it is exactly that she does..?
    I am, therefore I am art - assuming you have the audacity / PR machine.
    Give me substance please.

  2. Art is the measure of art. This woman is another example self promotion, at the core of so called art today. By the grace of God there are still people who see through the charade and bring the perception of tradition and form which never passes.