09 December 2012


It isn't often I can say that a particular book has changed something so radical in my thinking. A few, yes, but mostly fiction, and all were discovered when still in school: Nine stories by JD Salinger (notably; For Esme with love and squalor), The Great Gastby and the great Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmond Rostand, to mention a few.

Altogether different, this is a fascinating but sometimes difficult read for this student who failed dismally in every science, math and biology class. It is a story about the 'Whole' in Nature which so closely relates to all of my artistic thinking, for better or worst. A brief look at the radically new ideas which sprang up in the 1960's in various physics labs around the world and turned Science on it's head. More later, as there is so much to say about its relation to the realm of Painting over the past 100 years.
Good Reading!

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