19 December 2012

Yusoki Samiro

In April of this last year, I saw this poster in Osaka at the Municipal Museum. I was so taken aback by the image that I fainted and woke up in the Osaka Hospital 3 hours later. (ha ha, je plaisante!!) 

Actually, I really was overwhelmed by it and subsequently made arrangements to go see the show at the Museum of Modern Art at Kanagawa on my way back to Tokyo. To be honest, I was a little less amazed by much of the rest of the show except for these very small and poetic images, a dozen or so, of which this is but one example. They are collages made from scraps of cloth, created as if from nothing, but then, everything all at once. Those cheeky Japanese! This one (above) still surprises me every time I see it. It is strategically placed on my desktop to haunt me... taunt me.

The terrible, the beautiful, the pathos!...

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