13 April 2010

Leunig's melt

In the privacy of the studio at this point, anger and the need to transgress or lash out may arise. Sudden revengeful and destructive could result in the half-finished painting being vandalized -- perhaps by a few slashes with a brush load of paint or a lighthearted and irreverent doodle into the wet surface with a fingernail. What is there to lose? The painting is already a lost cause -- why not play and experiment in the ruins before tossing it aside? It could be fun. Perhaps a private infantile pleasure might compensate for all the disappointment.

The essential quality  of playing freely is enjoyment. We play to please ourselves. It awakens the sleeping part of our imagination --  and allows the exhausted part to have a much needed sleep: a situation conductive to invention, insight and originality. The true self is free to romp about in pleasure; to dabble like a duck, to take chances and discoveries or mistakes without consequence. In such joyous abandonment inhibitions melt a special sensitivity is primed, windows fly open and a fresh vision becomes possible. Art and love may intertwine and flourish.

part 4

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