15 April 2010

Leunig's Wabi-Sabi

The painting's development is taking him by surprise, as if some brilliant other is creating. Energy is returning to the studio. The Zen idea of Wabi-Sabi is happily in play: the value of the unfinished, the impermanent and the imperfect. The words of Picasso have come to light: "I do not search, I find" The artist is creating his way out of trouble. He is making things he has never made before. 

At the end of the day he is exhausted, but in good spirits and he sleeps well. In the morning he rushes out to see what has been created, and lo and behold -- an epiphany of delight from the previous day's struggle greets him and embraces his imagination.  he has forgotten the terrors of descending into the unknown, but at least he knows that in order to create something truly joyous he'll need faith, love and poetic strength enough to lose the plot and do it all over again.

Thank You Michael Leunig for your frank wisdom.

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