22 March 2015

Villa of Mysteries (restored) ouch!

So, they have restored the infamous Villa of Mysteries in Pompeii. Above, are old photos of several famous scenes painted in Pompeii. Note that they had already been restored at least on several occasions over the years. But these images are what we are left with until now. They have just re-opened the site and are proudly displaying new restorations of those iconic images. Just from the one image (below) it seems to be a great tragedy! The  light is skewed, and all wrong in the detail below exhibiting lighting instead of Light. All the subtly is gone, and  what a great shame because now it is gone forever! But, I am curious to see what they have done to the others before I really get mean.


  1. Reworked not restored. Ouch...more like ugh. Isn't it always the modern way to "restore" as if we know the truth. I wish it were possible to explain that conservation is often a better path than "restoration".

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