23 September 2019

Whistler and me

Evening Prayer Brunswick Heads, 2019, oil on canvas board, 30 X 25 cm

This painting study made a few months ago sits in my kitchen over the burners. It's where I shoot them each morning with my i-phone when I bring them in from my Hilux. For some reason it proves to be the best place to shoot them because of the even light and lack of glare. 

I call them all studies because in fact, they are made quickly, indeed, so fast that I am almost embarrassed that I sell them for $600 regardless of whether they take 5 minutes or 15. I work quickly because I am an anxious sort of guy. But also because I work just when the sun begins to set behind me, and  as anyone knows, dusk does not wait. There is both magic and serendipity in speed, but dumb luck too. 

I agree with Whistler who once said to a client that one pays an artist for all his many years of failure.

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